Peace of mind for Defenders + Devs. Auto-insert unique honeytokens (lures/tripwires) per deploy.

Github + Thinkst Canary Tools = Defense

PanSift Github App
P.S. Run a free 30 second pre-flight test on a personal private repository now!
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Nothing is 100% secure. Breaches are inevitable. Detect, direct, and control attackers with high fidelity breach detection. By using an attacker's movements and reconnaissance against them, defenders detect and contain breaches faster. Don't wait 279 days or more to find out you've been breached... install PanSift and start tokening your Github deploys now!

How it Works

PanSift installs as a Github App on repositories / branches.

Operating in a post-breach world.

It is inevitable that attackers will exploit a vulnerability and get some level of initial access to your infrastructure, systems, or apps. They don't sit still and continue to penetrate deeper, move laterally, and attempt to escalate privileges to gather data. They harvest access credentials, API keys, and hostnames related to key accounts or systems.

Inexpensive Lures with Super Signal !

A honeytoken is a digital lure or tripwire. They can be pseudo-valid usernames/passwords, an API key, a hostname, a PDF file, or other digital asset. They are designed so that once they are accessed or used, they alert your security team (like a canary in a coal mine!). A good example is a set of AWS client/secret keys left in a configuration file that no one but trusted staff should have access to. Once used or accessed, the honeytoken is tripped, and it's time to react to this high-fidelity signal of intrusion.

Per Pull Request on Nominated Branches

PanSift does not need nor request access to your code. PanSift automatically honeytokens a specific file per Pull Request. You can leave the tokens there or move them to other parts of your build during deploys, dress them up as you see fit! Use PanSift across private repositories/branches that are subsequently deployed anywhere where there is risk of exploit, attack, or compromise such as Internet facing SaaS, cloud infrastructure, or restricted internal systems or apps.

From months to minutes...

PanSift empowers your defenders and developers to gain the upper hand by amplifying their situational awareness, enabling rapid incident response, and increasing peace of mind! Embrace a new form of continuous determinstic security and don't leave your organisation or customer data exposed for months!

Watch an Example Rapid Install and Tokening

Trust but Verify

The Benefits

Control Outcomes



Low cost high yield breach detection



Reduce incident containment times by detecting sooner



Get ahead of breaches before exfiltration occurs



Easy install for security and non-security teams alike



Detect, control, and direct attacks before they go deeper



Empower Blue Teams to demo and test capabilities

Peace of mind for Defenders and Developers.

Increase your Security Observability Now

Run a free 30 second pre-flight test on a personal private repository !