Wireless network watcher for Mac. Instant remote troubleshooting from the client's perspective at any time.

Irrespective of or locations, solve Wi-Fi, DNS, IP, web, and system issues rapidly. Go back in time with retrospective Digital Experience Monitoring for remote or local sites! Control your time, save money and reduce toil!

Install on any mobile or stationary Mac for immediate visibility.

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2x free agents for problem machines and upgrade for more!

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Install as remote sensors at any site or location!

Simple and secure Real User Monitoring on macOS

Stay Connected and Sane

Modern business operations are already distributed. Whether cloud based or on-premises, ensure your team stays connected and productive. For everything from sales demos and customer success calls, to contact centre (CX) work and interviews, figure out what's going on irrespective of the location (home office, coffee shop, coworking space, main office, etc.)

Pinpoint Issues Effortlessly, Remotely, and Rapidly

Surface wired, wireless, and system issues in seconds. Track laptop health for when it's needed most.

Time travel with Retrospective Troubleshooting

Go back in time to when problems actually occurred rather than waiting for them to happen again.

Accelerated Outcomes For Technical Support Teams

Claim back your time with up-to-date metrics, anomaly detection, and root cause(s) identification.

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Weeks Of Offline Buffering

Even when disconnected, metrics are buffered and uploaded when reconnected or on hotspots.

Added Context From Users

User generated notes mean more context during any disruptions. The missing link, not in any logs!

Super Low Bandwidth

Metrics only use a few kilobits of bandwidth every 30-60 seconds and almost no CPU.

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Unsurpassed Granularity

High frequency testing (30s for most tests) giving the highest fidelity. Non-normalized data means deep debugging!

Synchronous Graphing

Interactive graphs and tabs all update when you zoom, pan, tab, or query. Rapidly linked contexts give the whole picture.

Real User Monitoring!

IPv4 + IPv6 public/private info, MAC/OUI vendor lookups, WLAN SSID / MCS / rogues, DNS, HTTP(S), system stats etc. All in-path !

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Feature Matrix

Context Telemetry, Checks, and Configuration Items Supported
Connectivity Internet reachability (IPv4 / IPv6), LAN status / reachability, shows when dualstack / IPv4 Only / IPv6 Only ✔️
IP / MAC / Interface Public IP (IPv4 / IPv6), default gateways (IPv4 / IPv6 / MAC / manufacturer, and response times), gateway interface, ISP prefix, ASNs, AS Name, ✔️
Wi-Fi SSID name + channel, BSSID + vendor, frequency band, PHY mode, MCS Index, SNR (inc. min / max), Tx Rates (inc. min / max) ✔️
WLAN Scan Local airspace scan, 2.4GHz / 5GHz / 6GHz, clear / recommended/supported channels, RSSI, BSSID + vendor (older OSX only) ✔️
System OS Version, uptime, memory utilization (min / max), CPU utilization (min / max) ✔️
Geo IP locations to city level plotted on map (inc. lat / long) ✔️
DNS Primary resolvers configured (v4 / v6), configurable test resource records, response performance inc. randomized lookups for (non-cached) recursive performance ✔️
HTTP(s) / Web v4 HTTP testing to FQDN, HTTP status codes, TTFB, TCP single stream min/max speed ✔️
Traceroute / ASN Info IPv4 / IPv6 traces to test hosts, hops, ASNs, AS Name, AS paths ✔️
User Comments Users can append information or notes from the agent to add to troubleshooting or context (viewable from web portal) ✔️
Table 1.0 - Feature Matrix

Rapid Digital Experience Monitoring for teams, clients, and sites!

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2 x free macOS agents

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