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Data networks are crucial but have never been brought in to so much focus as with the migration to Work From Anywhere. Our residential ISPs and local networks now facilitate what our employers office networks used to. But how do you support technical and network issues with a distributed and flexible workforce? It’s not as easy to do a desk visit and how much time does one flaky location or a user with intermittent access issues cost you? Is it the ISP, the Wi-Fi, the local network, the router, the laptop, the user etc. the list goes on?

PanSift helps tech teams to support Work From Anywhere (WFA). PanSift is all about using real user experience monitoring and then digging in to the data to explain what’s really going on and how to fix issues. It empowers tech teams to do instant and easy troubleshooting to resolve user’s problems (especially the opaque network related ones). Reducing toil and Time to Resolution makes everyone happy, more productive, and frees up technical staff to focus on more strategic challenges.

Who / Background

Donal has been working in IT, networks, and security for the last 20 years. After spending time in multinationals, vendors, telecommunications/service providers, and hypergrowth startups, he then went on to start a few small businesses fitting out conferences and large coworking spaces with networks and wireless first IT services. During this time he identified the need for better troubleshooting tools for not just users, but vendors, operators, service providers, and IT teams. After a few detours building his own remote HR technical testing tool, and some security deception technology, he returned to the seemingly simple, but incredibly complex challenge of providing troubleshooting tools for the growing remote workforce.

While providing wireless to events and large coworking spaces one major challenge for support was that spaces did not contain employees and users from one distinct organization or company. They were a hodge podge of different entities from freelancers and contractors, to startups and teams from larger organizations, who all saw their digital connections and tools as critical infrastructure, but had no ability or capacity to cricitcally monitor services from the user perspective. Not all home offices or coworking spaces manage to provide optimal networks or the digital user experience required for productivity. Oftentimes these crucial footprints lay unmanaged with no proactive monitoring, or lacked the expertise to diagnose and troubleshoot issues effectively. It gets even more difficult when trying to diagnose historical or intermittent issues, and harder still when supporting non-technical or non-cooperative users.

This is how PanSift was born. Pansift is not just a tool for tech teams with basic remote workers, but also for organization’s with distributed contact centres, sales teams, or customer success staff working remotely. These teams use many realtime communication applications that necessitate superior connectivity irrespective of the location to ensure voice, video, and data quality.

Cloud based Software-as-a-Service itself is remote and depends on multiple networks below it performing optimally (not just healthy endpoints).

What/How It Works

PanSift installs as a lightweight agent on a Mac laptop (Windows/Linux to come) and watches the wireless airspace and connectivity while continually performing a suite of tests to the local network and beyond. This data is then frequently uploaded to the PanSift cloud and a nominated entity can then rapidly troubleshoot issues from anywhere on the planet. PanSift even makes suggestions for better configuration like clear Wi-Fi channels and you can customize the test endpoints for webpages, DNS records, and to trace routes.

Even if there is a total outage from an ISP, local network, or Wi-Fi edge, PanSift continues to gather data and uploads it once reconnected (or if/when a user switches to mobile data). This means that a remote technical support team can see exactly what happened, where, how, and when. They can also dig in to historical configuration and previous monitoring to see patterns and root causes of issues.

What It Can Do In The Future

With a growing support for multiple Operating Systems (currently macOS) and test tools, PanSift will become the single easiest troubleshooting tool to use for remote workers and their support teams.

Once aggregated, anonymized, and normalized, there’s a lot that PanSift can then answer on a wider scale. There are additionally AI (Artificial Intelligence) opportunties for pattern matching, troubleshooting, and prediction across (WFA) Work From Anywhere data.

  • Which ISPs have faster and better connections to content?
  • Is IPv6 actually faster than IPv4?
  • What’s the best wireless home router?
  • What are the true indicators of good and bad Wi-Fi?
  • What countries use which ISPs/vendors and who should I buy from?

Hooks / Ideas

  • The Network Reality of Work From Anywhere
  • Monitoring The Unmanaged Edge of Work From Anywhere
  • Synthetic Testing, Holding your Providers to Account
  • The New Edge of Remote Working
  • The Criticality of Home and Coworking Data Networks
  • Getting Past Turning it Off and On Again, WFA Support
  • When there’s something strange in your home network, who you gonna call?


PanSift has paying customers, is self-funded, and founded by a solo-preneur. With free and paid users it’s focused on scaling and confident that bets its taken on Influx and time series will pay off as the platform evolves.

Email: [email protected] for any other angles, questions, or queries… and see the main site for more info PanSift.

P.S. Tips For Remote Network and Client Support

Digital work requires reliable connectivity. Whether for low latency or regular data streams, Wi-Fi, DNS, and network issues cause teams to lose time and productivity. Even worse is when support teams waste time trying to recreate and isolate issues! See how PanSift saves time, money, and frustration on all sides with instant remote troubleshooting 🏠🏝🛰.

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