A default multi-tenant architecture, with inspectable client scripts, and outbound only connections.

Apple Signed + Security Scanned

The agent is an Apple notarized/signed binary which comprises a customized fork of the modular BitBar (now Xbar) agent with OSS inspectable scripts.

Apple M1 Support

The agent is cross compiled for both Intel and Apple Silicon (Arm-based) architectures.

30 Day Data Retention

All agent specific data is aged out and deleted after 30 days. Only non-identifiable metrics and aggregate data is used longer term to improve the service.

MFA (Multi-factor Authentication)

Use Google Authenticator, Authy, or any TOTP (Time-based One Time Password) generator to secure your account but remember to note your backup codes!

Least Access Principle / BCP NetSec Patterns

Agents can only talk outbound (push) from your machine. There is no inbound communication possible and no remote access tooling or functionality. There are no listening ports on the agent. It only talks outbound via DNS and HTTPS TCP 443 to write data to (not read data from) buckets.

Multitenant Boundaries
Enforced Front / Back

Telegraf and InfluxDB are used for fail-safe data ingestion, bucket separation, and storage (with optional SOC2 Type II cloud vs. OSS).

End user experience monitoring tools for your team or tribe!


2 x free macOS agents

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