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The default solo hiring account is FREE (No credit card required!) and includes 10 free candidate screens.

Hiring Agent(s)

Candidate Screens


0 € p/m
  • The default solo hiring agent account is FREE 0.00€ EUR per month (No credit card required) inc. starter 10x FREE CANDIDATE SCREENS 
  • Additional hiring team agent accounts over and above the default solo account are subscription based at € 99.00 EUR each per month and include bonus 50 free candidate screens per agent per month
  • Add-on / Top-Up Options
  • Purchase at any time "in-app" or multiples thereof. Non-recurring and do not expire!
  • 10 screen pack 29€ EUR
  • 20 screen pack 49€ EUR
  • 50 screen pack 99€ EUR
  • 100 screen pack 169€ EUR
No strings. Full access + 10 candidate screens.
No credit card required.