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How much does a level 1 helpdesk, level 2 operator, or level 3 engineer currently cost per hour per remote problem?

Endpoints (Device Agents)

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3.75 € (~4 USD) per endpoint month

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  • The default account is FREE and requires no credit card when signing up. It comes with 48 hours (2 days) "lookback" reporting and insights. The 2 free endpoint agents can be used anywhere. Try them on your own personal laptop or family machines to measure, test, explore, and experiment.

  • Why pay for endpoint agents ?

  • Paid endpoint agents include 168 hours (7 days) "lookback", reporting, and insights. You can then also customize 7 test host destinations/records per bucket. An account can either be free or paid but not a mix of both.

    Note: Inviting additional users or admins to your account does not cost anything.
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