Flying blind doing remote support for your team, tribe, or family? Make the invisible visible. Stay conected and sane. Instrument your user edge.

Download + Metrics + Troubleshoot = Happiness

Pinpoint and prove where Wifi, ISP, or system issues occur in offices, shared workspaces, or at home. Real-time, retrospective, and remote troubleshooting for peace of mind. Active monitoring from the real edge.
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How can you improve user experience if you don't know what the user is experiencing?


Pinpoint Issues Effortlessly and Remotely

Find wired, wireless, and system issues in seconds. Track laptop health for when it's needed most.


Accelerated Outcomes For Support

Immediate and up to date metrics, anomaly detection, and root cause(s) identification for a faster fix.


Timetravel with Retrospective Troubleshooting

Go back in time to when problems actually occurred rather than waiting for them to happen again.


Weeks Of Offline Buffering

When disconnected all metrics (inc Wifi) are buffered and then uploaded when reconnected.


Added Context From Users

Elective user annotations mean more context during any disruptions. The missing link.


Super Low Bandwdith

Metrics only use a few kilobits of bandwidth every 20-30 seconds and almost no CPU.

Peace of mind in an era of remote work and non-managed networks!
Get your time and sanity back whether at work or home.

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Monitor, find, and fix issues for your team, tribe, or family.

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Download and install the OSX P3 agent!

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