Trust But Verify With

Simulation Based Screening

Uncover the difference between theory and practice!

Real world tasks evaluate skills

Choose from pre-defined simulations for screening candidates. Alternatively you can drag and drop skills (from our library) to build your own simulations.

Immediate Access

Candidates / applicants must engage in real-world tasks and simulations to demonstrate their skills and unlock answers. Labs ( CLI / GUI ) are via browser on standard web ports.

Benchmarked proficiency

Candidates are also rated on speed. Questions are timed. A 30-40 minute screen made up of 10-15 simulated skills is recommended. Set a deadline, get results!

Maximum flexibility

Candidates get to demonstrate their skills in real world scenarios. They can start, stop, and update answers (or do research), all the way up to the deadline. Hiring teams can send all applicants (or a subset of candidates) a screen at any stage of the hiring pipeline.