We are connectors.

Our Team.

With a heavy focus on connecting people and building community, we also architect, automate, and build a broad spectrum of platforms and solutions.

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Donal O Duibhir

Founder / CTO

Donal is a buddhist informed permaculture network geek who sees everything as interconnected. From corporate multinationals, to startups, farming, and chasing unicorns... you might find him digging potatoes, tweaking the RF/Wifi in a coworking space, designing a data-centre fabric, or developing web apps....

CCNP, CCDP, CISSP #32103, CWNA, JNCIA, PACE, B.Sc. Comp Sci.

team people

Cristian Sirbu


Cristian is a network engineer, trainer, and community builder with a particular interest in design / architecture, automation, and solving business problems with technology. He's been around a while, building, breaking, and fixing networks of various sorts and sizes, while also having fun coding and admining systems.

CCIE #43453, JCNIA, B.Eng.Comp Sci, M.Sc. Mobile and High Speed Telecommunications Networks

Monitor, find, and fix issues for your team, tribe, or family.

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