Objective, cheaper, flexible, implicit filtering, and faster.


Objective (Non-biased)

Remove bias with consistent, automated, deterministic screening. Screens are scored automatically (inc. against timing benchmarks). ✓


Cheaper (Automated)

Automation allows for greater speed, scale, and lower costs. Save on expensive talent/engineering human time early in your funnel. ✓


Flexible (Online)

Candidates have flexibility to complete from anywhere (e.g. local or remote screening without any travel time) and at their own pace. ✓


Implicit Filtering

By requesting a screen you are implicitly checking an applicant's commitment to engaging in the hiring process (i.e. the application validity). ✓


Faster (By up to 50%)

Reduced time to hire / time to fill based with the confidence of empirical data and that the candidate will hit the ground running ✓

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