Wi-Fi Speed Test

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A Comprehensive Wi-Fi Speed Test

Welcome to the realm of Wi-Fi testing where the client’s viewpoint becomes the cornerstone of evaluating performance. Discover why testing your Wi-Fi speed from your own machine is not just a preference but a necessity.

Wi-Fi Bandwidth Test

Beyond the Surface

Dive deep into the intricacies of your network’s capabilities with our Wi-Fi bandwidth test. Understand the pitfalls of relying on a singular test, and discover the significance of a series of tests spread across time for a holistic evaluation of your wireless performance.

Speed Test for Wi-Fi

Embrace ongoing tests from the client side that paint a comprehensive picture of your Wi-Fi’s true performance. Witness the reality as we graph the nuances that define the genuine speed dynamics and characteristics of your network.

Decoding MCS Index and TX Rates

Unveiling the Caps

Understand the cryptic world of MCS indices, where the upper bounds of your wireless internet speed are shaped. Unravel the secrets of TX (Transmit) rates and understand how these rates dictate the peak potential of your Wi-Fi, setting the stage for an informed evaluation.

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Striking the Balance Between Data Usage and Baseline Performance

A More Balanced Wi-Fi Test

Discover the sweet spot between continuous testing and preserving your available bandwidth and data resources. Our Wi-Fi speed test runs intermittent yet ongoing speed tests that lay the foundation for benchmarking your Wi-Fi’s performance without compromising your data limits.

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We look at the lower bounds which count for single stream TCP access to resources rather than loading up the pipe with UDP or parallel testing. On higher plans you can also edit the test hosts and add our custom sized assets for download testing.

Wi-Fi Checker: Beyond Speed – Bandwidth, Signal Strength, and More

Test My Wi-Fi Speed

Experience the comprehensive evaluation of your internet connection with our Wi-Fi checker. Beyond the mere Wi-Fi speed check, assess the bandwidth, signal strength, and other crucial parameters that define your online experience.

Embark on a continuous journey of improvement as you test your Wi-Fi speed beyond a singular check. Witness the dynamic performance of your Wi-Fi unfold through ongoing time series data, enabling you to monitor, adapt, and elevate your digital experience.

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Feature Matrix

Context Telemetry, Checks, and Configuration Items Supported
Connectivity Internet reachability (IPv4 / IPv6), LAN status / reachability, shows when dualstack / IPv4 Only / IPv6 Only ✔️
IP / MAC / Interface Public IP (IPv4 / IPv6), default gateways (IPv4 / IPv6 / MAC / manufacturer, and response times), gateway interface, ISP prefix, ASNs, AS Name, ✔️
Wi-Fi SSID name + channel, BSSID + vendor, frequency band, PHY mode, MCS Index, SNR (inc. min / max), Tx Rates (inc. min / max) ✔️
WLAN Scan Local airspace scan, 2.4GHz / 5GHz / 6GHz, clear / recommended/supported channels, RSSI, BSSID + vendor (older OSX only) ✔️
System OS Version, uptime, memory utilization (min / max), CPU utilization (min / max) ✔️
Geo IP locations to city level plotted on map (inc. lat / long) ✔️
DNS Primary resolvers configured (v4 / v6), configurable test resource records, response performance inc. randomized lookups for (non-cached) recursive performance ✔️
HTTP(s) / Web v4 HTTP testing to FQDN, HTTP status codes, TTFB, TCP single stream min/max speed ✔️
Traceroute / ASN Info IPv4 / IPv6 traces to test hosts, hops, ASNs, AS Name, AS paths ✔️
User Comments Users can append information or notes from the agent to add to troubleshooting or context (viewable from web portal) ✔️
Table 1.0 - Feature Matrix

P.S. Tips For Remote Network and Client Support

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