Wireless Network Watcher

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A ‘Wireless Network Watcher’ addresses a range of concerns related to network performance, security, troubleshooting, and device management. These tools provide valuable insights into the status and activities of a wireless network, enabling users and support teams to troubleshoot and maintain a reliable wireless and wired internet connection.

Wireless Network Watcher For Mac

Uninterrupted Connectivity

Experience seamless connectivity with PanSift’s dedicated Wireless Network Watcher for Mac. Effortless setup awaits with our straightforward Wireless Network Watcher download using Zero Touch Provisioning.

Internet Connection Monitor

Stability Wherever You Work

Keep your remote and office workers connected seamlessly, eliminating disruptions and downtime. Stay ahead of connectivity issues with PanSift’s Internet Connectivity Monitor. Monitor internet connection stability in real-time and proactively address concerns, ensuring a seamless work experience.

Monitor WiFi Channels

Optimizing Network Performance for Mac Users

Empower your Mac users and technical teams to optimize network performance effortlessly. With PanSift, monitoring WiFi channels ensures fast and reliable internet, no matter where your remote or office workers are located.

WiFi Network Monitor

Comprehensive Insights for Your Network

Gain a comprehensive view of your network with PanSift’s WiFi Network Monitor. Provide your remote and office workers with the tools they need to understand, monitor, and optimize their WiFi connections effectively.

Wireless Monitor for MacBook

Tailored Solutions for Apple Enthusiasts and Professional Teams Alike

PanSift understands the unique needs of MacBook users and is built for Intel and Apple silicon. With 6GHz awareness and the ability to suggest clean airspace, you can keep track of what’s really going on in the air.

Internet Connection Uptime Monitor

Observe Reliability for Every Remote User

Ensure dependable connectivity with Pansift’s Internet Connection Uptime Monitor. Your remote and office workers can rely on a stable online experience, boosting productivity and minimizing frustration by following the data. See when there are IPv4 or IPv6 reachability issues. Also, configure your own test hosts for full DNS, web, and traceroute testing.

Employer WiFi Monitoring

Observability and Productivity in One Package

For businesses, Pansift offers Employer WiFi Monitoring tools. Safeguard your network and enhance productivity by monitoring and optimizing WiFi connections, providing a secure environment for your remote and office workers. Keep an eye on and report on the quality of employer or home supplied network connectivity.

Automatic Troubleshooting and Insights

Surfaces Issues Automagically

With full fidelity time series data (at up to 30s granular intervals), PanSift detects when there are problems and suboptimal performance while highlighting it on the dashboard (and via scheduled or adhoc reports). No more searching around or hunting for performance issues!

Wireless Network Watcher Download

Simplified Setup for Mac Users

PanSift ensures that optimizing your network is just a click away for your Mac users, whether they work remotely or in the office. Download now to ensure your Mac users stay connected without interruptions. Deploy manually or with your favourite MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution such as Kandji or Jamf.

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Feature Matrix

Context Telemetry, Checks, and Configuration Items Supported
Connectivity Internet reachability (IPv4 / IPv6), LAN status / reachability, shows when dualstack / IPv4 Only / IPv6 Only ✔️
IP / MAC / Interface Public IP (IPv4 / IPv6), default gateways (IPv4 / IPv6 / MAC / manufacturer, and response times), gateway interface, ISP prefix, ASNs, AS Name, ✔️
Wi-Fi SSID name + channel, BSSID + vendor, frequency band, PHY mode, MCS Index, SNR (inc. min / max), Tx Rates (inc. min / max) ✔️
WLAN Scan Local airspace scan, 2.4GHz / 5GHz / 6GHz, clear / recommended/supported channels, RSSI, BSSID + vendor (older OSX only) ✔️
System OS Version, uptime, memory utilization (min / max), CPU utilization (min / max) ✔️
Geo IP locations to city level plotted on map (inc. lat / long) ✔️
DNS Primary resolvers configured (v4 / v6), configurable test resource records, response performance inc. randomized lookups for (non-cached) recursive performance ✔️
HTTP(s) / Web v4 HTTP testing to FQDN, HTTP status codes, TTFB, TCP single stream min/max speed ✔️
Traceroute / ASN Info IPv4 / IPv6 traces to test hosts, hops, ASNs, AS Name, AS paths ✔️
User Comments Users can append information or notes from the agent to add to troubleshooting or context (viewable from web portal) ✔️
Table 1.0 - Feature Matrix

P.S. Tips For Remote Network and Client Support

Digital work requires reliable connectivity. Whether for low latency or regular data streams, Wi-Fi, DNS, and network issues cause teams to lose time and productivity. Even worse is when support teams waste time trying to recreate and isolate issues! See how PanSift saves time, money, and frustration on all sides with instant remote troubleshooting 🏠🏝🛰.

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